🏆 Stream Points

Getting started with stream points is very easy. All you need to do is watch the stream and type !points every 5 minutes or so! You will get 5 points for every 5 minutes you watch the stream. Once you're ready you can redeem your points in the stream shop to get perks in-game! You can view the stream shop by clicking HERE or by typing !shop in the stream chat!


PlayFuse SkyBlock YouTube stream

🏆 The Prizes

You can earn ANY of these items just by spending your points. These items have REAL WORLD MONEY VALUE!

These are the current prizes and are subject to change! Its likely by the time you are reading this the prizes have changed or the prices have been adjusted. Please use the REAL STORE to see what everything costs and what you can win! This is just an example!

🏆 Redeeming Points for Prizes

Once you have enough points for one of the prizes, visit THIS link which will lead you to the stream shop, here you can log in with your youtube account and then redeem your points. You can also get this link by typing !shop in the chat!

Once you spend your points you will be given a CODE. Go in-game and type /redeem (your code), for example if my code was RVLBP8P I would have to type the command "/redeem RVLBP8P" without the quotes of course. Once you run the command you will be instantly given your prize!