Server Changes & Project S

Please make sure to read this article carefully to avoid any questions :)


DivineWoods has been around since the start of 2019 and has always been a medium to small survival server and this is the biggest thing to happen to it in its life, its finally time for our little DivineWoods to grow!

Server Rebrand

On the release of our new gamemode (on which you will find more info below) we will be renaming the server from "DivineWoods" to "PlayFuse". We know this sounds scary and you might be confused but there are several good reasons and this decision was not made lightly!

Why is the name being changed?
While  "DivineWoods" is a good name for a survival server it doesn't quite work that well for a big network which has multiple gamemodes so we had to change it!

Does this mean DivineWoods survival is over?
NO! It does not, in fact the SMP server will still have "DivineWoods" all over it until we do our grand update which will include a final rebrand, at that point the entire network will be unified under the PlayFuse name!

Did someone buy the server?
No one has bought the server or anything like that, ElFly is still the owner along with the amazing staff team :)

How will I be able to join the server?
Once the name changes we will have two IPs, the current and which will both lead to the same server!

Does it mean Ill lose my items?
No, changing the name will not effect the gameplay on the SMP, once the name change takes place you will be able to join SMP (DivineWoods Survival) from the brand new PlayFuse hub.

When does the server whitelist? And how long will it be closed?
The server will go into whilelisted mode in the next coming days (when we are ready, we intend to whitelist in the last moment so we don't have extra days of whitelist for no reason) and will stay whitelisted until we are able to link up all the servers properly and make sure everything works - we will keep you guys posted as we go. The closest answer we can give you is - its likely that the downtime will last more then a few days.

Project S

Project S is the secret new gamemode we have been working on since 2019. Now its finally time to reveal what it is! The S in Project S stands for SkyBlock (as many of you guessed)

PlayFuse SkyBlock nether island showing custom ores & mobs

You might have realized by now that this is not going to be some ordinary skyblock gamemode, considering we have put two years of work into making it happen.

The PlayFuse SkyBlock has three main goals, long progression, unique experience and balanced gameplay. We also made sure to take multiple elements you loved on our survival server DivineWoods and incorporated them in the skyblock with tons of improvements.

More details with all the amazing features will be revealed in the trailer which is going to come out when the release is closer.

Custom armor & sword

Creative gamemode

Along with the SkyBlock server we will also be adding a Creative gamemode! If you are an OG player you would remember that we used to have a Creative gamemode a long time ago but it was unfortunately closed due to having tons of bugs and in result of those bugs a very small amount of players wanted to play it.

This time we're taking a different route and making sure we have a quality creative server. Creative is no longer going to be a random "Side Gamemode" thats just there if you want it, its actually good this time. We built it ourselves from the ground up and made sure its polished and an enjoyable experience!

Future plan

After our grand update on which we will release both new gamemodes and change the servers name we will begin work on our next goal: Updating Survival.

Currently the process has not yet started but we are confident it wont take nearly as long to update it compared to the creation of skyblock.

We also intend to take a more active approach when it comes to running the server, this applies to everything, including the day to day life as well as special occasions and expansions!

Beyond that we have even more plans for the server but those are currently secret :)

Make sure to spread the word!

This is a big step for DivineWoods and its so exciting to be able to reveal ALL of what we've been working so hard on. We want ALL DivineWoods players to know, even ones which currently don't play anymore, tell your friends, tell fellow players, tell your dog that PROJECT SKYBLOCK IS COMING!

Me first revealing that I've been working on a SkyBlock server to staff
"Project S"