We are running a contest to encourage people to make content on the server!


  • Contest will run for 2 weeks
  • You post TikTok videos that meet the requirements (scroll down)
  • Video authors who gets the most views between all the PlayFuse videos they made within these two weeks win


#1 🥇  MOST VIEWS: 14k Coins
#2 🥈 MOST VIEWS: 2,500 Coins
#3 🥉 MOST VIEWS: 500 Coins


These requirements are MANDITORY, any video that doesn't meet ALL of them WILL NOT get any prizes.

1) The IP tik.PlayFuse.net must be featured in the video in some way, like saying it out loud, showing it as text on screen or adding it in the top comment. The IP must be added in the EXACT way its displayed above, no other variation, it must be tik.PlayFuse.net

* Note, putting the IP in the video title could lead to the video being censored by tiktok so avoid doing that!

2) The videos must have the hashtag #PlayFuseContest to enter!

3) The videos have to show the server in a good light as the goal is to attract new players, any videos that is highlights some bad experiences, is disrespectful or toxic against the server will not be eligible

4) The focus of the video has to be related to the server, its features and gameplay, the way you play it or your experience playing it. The videos primary focus must be the server. Any video that just uses the server as background footage or part of some kind of skit will not be eligible. The topic must be the server.


You might be tempted to skip this part but this advice will guarantee the highest chance of success

Basic advice:

1) Record your video in good quality with a program like obs (its free!)
2) Export the video in a vertical format, as to fit a phone screen (1080 x 1920)
3) Add a voiceover or use an AI voice generator like https://elevenlabs.com/

Content advice:

Short form content is ALL about copying each other. Why? If a video works, then its bound to work again, all your videos should be copied from another tiktok. And we dont mean just the general idea, scene by scene recreations of already viral tiktoks (500k+ views) will lead to highest chance of success, copy the things said, the things shown, the text on screen, sound used, etc

You might be tempted to just make original content and think you will do good. No, that will not happen, leave your ego at the door, this is it how the platform operates, you copy what works already and you get a much higher success chance.

TikTok already has an audience, and you make the videos for that audience, it does not find a new audience for your videos, only shows them to an existing audience.

TIP - reposting:

Reposting the video on YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels along with tiktok will give you a big advantage, these views also count, it doesnt matter which platform you get them on, reposting alone could help you secure the win without any extra work! The views combine for your total so you can potentially get 3x amount of views from the same video just by reposting!

🥳 Good luck everyone! Contest concludes on October 22nd!